Bullet Delivery of West Palm Beach (Bullet PBI) has been serving customers nationally and globally from our secure warehouse in West Palm Beach for the past 17 years with a demanding white glove schedule, delivering high value artwork and sensitive medical equipment in addition to our regular shipping, freight and line haul schedules.

Originally located inside the Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) grounds, five (5) years ago operations moved just outside the PBI grounds to another secure and larger warehouse with multiple bays, that is more accessible for our clients and the public in general, to accommodate our ever-expanding delivery fleet and clients’ growing storage needs.

We are dedicated to our clients and take pride in the careful handling of your special cargo and prompt delivery to arrive at the destination safely and on time. Bullet PBI offers great and rates and fast delivery by our professional, courteous staff. Please contact us to discuss your needs. READ MORE

We accept debit and credit cards




Like many businesses, we believe in a set of core values. They are the fundamentals I have worked with and what Bullet as an organization represents. What sets us apart from the competition is that these values will never be sacrificed for monetary gain, quickness, or scalability. Can that make things more challenging on a day-to-day basis? Absolutely. But we're not in the business of doing what is easy, we're in the business of doing what is right and getting the JOB DONE! It is the dedication to these values that have allowed us to create a thriving company and empower our employees and partners to own up to their share of pride and passion, to this patch of earth we call home.

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